From the mix of traditional heavy metal and gutural vocals came Hellpath. The originality of their music reaches the right point both to surprise those who don’t know the style, and to stir up mosh-pits and head banging among the frequent metalheads.

Fast Riffs – sometimes agressive, sometimes melodic – from the guitars, followed by precise beats and infectious drum fills, mingled with the wrath of the harsh vocal cries and fully completed by the heavy bass lines, exhale the energy and potential of the band.

The different influences of each member, ranging between the most classic to the most extreme music, add much when it comes to composing. “Although we’ve already created our own distinctive personality in our songs, we let freedom of creation prevail. Each one contributes its part and then we test and refine it all until we reach our best”.

Involved by the melodies, the lyrics of the band present the hell of everyday. The ups and downs of our individual lives and in society. The fear and agony of what the world has become and of what will come. The course of humanity in fictitious and real plans.

“It’s more than ten years of commitment. And to please our own and others’ ears is what keeps us moving. ‘Through The Paths of Hell’ comes to spread this energy and bring our criticisms and visions to more thinking heads”.



Thiago Müller


Richard Felix

Backing Vocals & Guitar

Rafael Neves

Solo Guitar

William Cruz


Rodolfo Pacheco


All photos courtesy of Felipe Pereira & Rei Santos. All rights reserved.